“At the Top of the Page this month we’re featuring the contributions of the fabulous Julie Trimingham. Julie is a filmmaker, novelist, essayist, and beekeeper (you know, among other things). She first graced our pages in 2011 as the subject of one of R. W. Gray’s Numéro Cinq at the Movies entries. He wrote about her lovely film beauty crowds me in our November issue that year. Later, she wrote a series of essays on filmmaking, also for NC at the Movies. And most recently she joined the masthead and has been contributing delightfully heterodox and whimsical essays and interviews (watch for her essay on beekeeping in this issue). Julie’s a genre-breaker. She various mixes forms and images in her pieces, weaving in the personal, her research, her  preoccupation with ecological issues, along with her passionate engagement with art and science — in short, the world. It’s been a long pleasure working with her.”

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Numéro Cinq: Julie Trimingham at the Top of the Page