soul*drift performed at an arts event designed to bring Lummi people and culture back to Lummi Island, which is not only ancestral territory, but was also part of the original negotiated reservation land. Thank you to Swil Kanim and all the visual artists who participated in the day-long event; to House of Tears Carvers for bringing the Chief’s totem pole for a community blessing at the beach; to the Salish Center for Sustainable Fishing Methods for hosting Lummi and island non-profits and feeding us a lunch of reefnet-caught salmon so that we could all break bread and share conversation in a good way; to Whiteswan Environmental, House of Tears, and Sacred Lands Conservancy dba Sacred Sea for coming to the table; to Tlingit (&adopted Lummi) elder Jim Thomas for sharing words and song; to the Willows Inn for feeding the artists; and the Lummi Island Heritage Trust for hosting us at the Otto Preserve,