20 Jan 2017, 7:30 & 9:30pm at the Sylvia Center for the Arts. I’ll be performing/storytelling at this cabaret, along with Firefly, Idiom, and other local theatre groups. #ArtistsResist #AgitProp #Weimar


Wondering what to do with your inauguration day pantsuit? Wear it to Firefly Productions’ INAUGURATION DAY CABARET!

Internationally acclaimed Firefly Productions and Sylvia Center for the Arts present “The Inauguration Day Cabaret!” 

The most AMAZING series of vignettes (think theatrical ‘tweets’) ever assembled on an Inauguration Day in 2017! 

Presented by the most SPECTACULAR group of multidisciplinary artists, including theatre, puppetry, spoken word, dance and film, EVER PERFORMED in the history of Friday, January 20th, 2017! It will be BIGLY entertaining, believe us, BIGLY! 

The cabaret is designed to bring a variety of local performing artists together to begin an artistic political dialogue sure to continue for the next four years.

The “Inauguration Day Cabaret” Line Up:
* ‘Trump and Judy’
* ‘To the Flag’
* ‘How to Pass as Canadian’
* ‘Far From You’
* ‘Hands of Time’
* ‘Blonde Justice’
* ‘Drunken Liberty’
* Spoken Word by Julie Trimingham
* ‘My Girl’s Pussy’
* Glen Bristow
* ‘Piggy Fan Dance’
* Sugar and the Sugar Band
* ‘Pas de Quatre’
* ‘Phoenix Chicken’
* ‘Tweet Wall’

Local performers include:
FIREFLY PRODUCTIONS INC: recently relocated to the PNW. These vetrans of the Edinburgh, Brighton, and Prague fringe festivals specialize in new writing, puppetry, and movement. With Firefly Players ELENA STECCA, J.FRANKIE MOONSHINE, BENJAMIN BARTON, KEEFE HEALY, and SUZANNE MACKAY. Puppets by AMANDA TIMMINS, KEEFE HEALY, SUZANNE MACKAY and MARGARET MACKAY.

TIN CAN ODYSSEY is a zany web series made in Bellingham, about the first efforts to colonize Mars. Seasons one and two are out on YouTube, season three due out Fall 2017.

DELLA MOUSTACHELLA: Tickler of funny bones and master of fun, Della Moustachella performs surprisingly satirical physical comedy for your seat-wetting pleasure.

JULIE TRIMINGHAM is lamenting the divorce of words from meaning in much current political discourse.

VIRGINIA ROSE: a spoken word artist performing under the name Phoenix Chicken. She just returned from spending two weeks in Houston, Texas writing a show called the Revolution of Kindness with her creative partner, Matthew Austin Williams. Interweaving spoken word and music, the Revolution of Kindness is a dialogue between The Man and The Activist, and an exploration of what happens after the apocalypse. Virginia will perform excerpts from the beginning, middle, and end of the show.

TO THE FLAG: Created originally for 12 Minutes Max Bellingham by the Northwest Passage Theatre Collective. This piece is a product of their work in the Margolis Method study group, led by Ian Bivins.
To The Flag is an exploration of a piece of text that we are all familiar with, The Pledge of Allegiance, and the metaphorical symbolism that exists within the language and the props used by the actors.

and much more….

Let the resistance begin! “It’ll be YUGE, it’ll be TERRIFIC, believe us!”


This lovely photo of Marlene Dietrich was colorized by  Klimbim, who has brought a number of historical black and white portraits to life.