Way Elsewhere, a fictional travelogue

“A small girl with about fourteen pigtails curly-cued up all over her head complained to me that she’d lost her puppy down on Pleasant. So I set my morning paper and carton of milk, just purchased, down on the sidewalk, and she and I went looking. Found Lucky chasing a black chihuahua up an alleyway. My trout! the young girl said, as she cradled the puppy in her arms.

Sight nor sound of Edwina-who-chucked-her-bra-from-the-porch (and stood there, topless in some strange defiance). She of the crow-like squawks. No yelling old guy. No disconcerting bangs against our common wall. Their laundry, of which I have an excellent view, has spent several days hanging out in the rain.

Wool tube socks, wetly dangling.”

Way Elsewhere is a fictional travelogue: some pieces from the fictional blog I used to keep, Notes from Elsewhere, some new pieces, all beautifully edited and published by Ian Denning, Joshua Young, Abigail Zimmer of Lettered Streets Press. You can order the book from the market site (link below), which also features terrific books  by Alexis Pope, Ryan Spooner, Nicole Wilson and others. All proceeds from sales go directly toward the hard costs of publication. Everybody works for love of the written word at Lettered Streets. Your purchase supports a gorgeous mission: publishing as a means of creating a diverse and committed literary community.