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To know is to love is to protect.  Clearwater, a documentary feature film, aims to get audiences to know, love, and protect the Salish Sea. The Pickford Film Center in Bellingham will be screening excerpts from the work-in-progress on Sunday, December 6 at 5:30pm.  All proceeds from ticket sales will go toward finishing the film. I have been brought on as a producer to the film, and am delighted to be part of this event. Producer/Director Tracy Rector of Longhouse Media ,  Emmy Award winning cinematographer Laura James, and Coast Salish traditional artist Joe Seymour will be present and discuss their work. Clearwater excerpts are now a part of video installation in the permanent collection at the Seattle Art MuseumClearwater is supported by the Sundance Institute, the Tribecca Film Institute, and will be broadcast on PBS (and yes, it still needs funding).  Tickets are $15 and available here.

Something from Nothing

Negative space, dark energy, missing matter, how to get something from nothing.

My Skype interview & essay for Numéro Cinq with the fabulous physicist/cosmologist/public intellectual/movie actor Lawrence M. Krauss, PhD, has just been published.

“If you search the library shelves for A Guide for the Perplexed, you will find three books: one by Maimonides, the Sephardic astronomer, scholar and philosopher; one by Werner Herzog, the German filmmaker; and one by Krauss. The universe is filled with unexpected connections. I am a perplexed filmmaker who turns to astrology in moments of desperation. Lawrence Krauss, Phd, cosmologist, is also now an actor in a Werner Herzog film.”

The Mermaid


How it starts: Before you were a mermaid, you were a girl in baker’s whites. You’ve told me about arpeggiating in front of your first singing teacher, an Italian soprano who would clasp her left breast, squeeze it, and demand,  at the end of your run, Another one for baby Jesus! I love this image. Can you please elaborate?

Fides Krucker (FK): When I was young, hardly twenty, I ran my father’s bakery. This was industrial baking, we made thousands of croissants an hour… flaky, buttery, high-end ones…

My interview with Fides in Numero Cinq. Read it here:


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