Liar. Cheater. Thief.

That’s what Mia, the protagonist of Mockingbird, is. Whether or not she’s justified in lying, cheating and stealing is up to you.  I’ve been fascinated to hear responses from readers: some see a rich white lady going down to a poor, brown country and simply taking what she wants; others see a necessary act of love, of salvation. An editor pointed out that the word “gray” was frequently used in the text. I’d always thought the story was full of color, as it takes place in Havana.  Reading through, though, I saw that the editor was right: there’s gray all over the place. This is, at its vivid heart, a story about gray.

Gracias y abrazos

Photo: Julie Trimingham: Finally!

For  beautifully hosted Mockingbird events & launches, thank you to the Miami Book Fair International, Books & Books, Mitchell Kaplan; Village Books in Fairhaven, Chuck & Dee Robinson; The People’s Co-op Bookstore in Vancouver; TYPE Books in Toronto; Queen Anne Book Company in Seattle, Janis Segress; Annie Bloom’s Books in Portland; and the Island Library on Lummi Island. Mockingbird is now, finally, widely available through your local, independent bookseller as well as the usual online suspects. Thank you to author Rob Yardumian of the recently released novel The Sound of Songs Across the Water, for this photo from Powell’s Bookstore in Portland!

Aritha van Herk on Mockingbird

“Julie Trimingham’s Mockingbird is a novel teeming with yearning, with the indescribable smells and tastes of Cuban ardor. This tale of passion and its smudged fate, its undeniable allure, intensifies with each improvised move, so that readers have to gasp for breath, yet cannot help but follow this impossible seduction, and the center of gravity that shapes the beauty known as longing.”

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Mockingbird Launches & Presentations

BELLINGHAM:  Thursday, 25 JULY 2013, 7pm at Village Books in Fairhaven

PORTLAND: Thursday, 24 OCTOBER, 7pm  at Annie Bloom’s Books

SEATTLE: Thursday, 7 NOVEMBER, 7pm at Queen Anne Book Company

TORONTO: Tuesday, 19 NOVEMBER, 7pm at Type Books on Queen Street West

MIAMI: Sunday, 24 NOVEMBER, 2:30pm at the Miami Book Fair International

• presenting with Cristina Garcia of “King of Cuba” and Ruth Behar of “Traveling Heavy: A Memoir In Between Places”

VANCOUVER: Thursday, 5 December, 7pm at People’s Co-Op Bookstore

LUMMI ISLAND: Sunday, 8 December, 3:30pm at the Island Public Library


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