Raising Hell

Opening Night 2

Fides Krucker in “Opening Night”


What I make of movies, and what they make of me: an essay in 3 parts for Numéro Cinq

“Numéro Cinq at the Movies readers should recognize Julie Trimingham‘s name from one of our first entries when we featured her lovely, haunting triptych of films beauty crowds me, a pseudo-adaptation of the poems of Emily Dickinson.

In keeping with Numéro Cinq’s penchant for reflecting on the creative process, NC at the Movies is asking filmmakers we’ve featured to reflect on why they make movies, what compels them to tell the visual stories they tell. Presented with that question, Julie Trimingham came back to us with a triptych (she likes to work in threes) of articles that look at her relationship with film: “Rosebud,” “The Horror,” and “Raising Hell.” This month NC at the Movies features her third article, “Raising Hell.”

R.W. Gray





Part 1 of  a 3 part essay: What I make of movies, and what they make of me, for Numéro Cinq

“Reading Trimingham’s reflections on film is for me like reading someone else’s love letters. It led me to reminiscing about my own film loves, and here, specifically, the moments that have made me gasp and filled me with wonder. We’d love to hear about your favourite film moments of wonder in the comments.”

— R. W. Gray

read “Rosebud” here:  http://numerocinqmagazine.com/2014/10/16/numero-cinq-at-the-movies-what-i-make-of-movies-and-what-they-make-of-me-part-1-julie-trimingham/


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